Mansion Games y Meridiem Games anuncian un acuerdo de colaboración

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News – September 8th, 2021


As of today, Mansion games and Mansion Games make an alliance to restore freedom to the world

Madrid, September 8th 2021. From Meridiem Games we are excited to announce a collaboration agreement with Mansion Games, to bring Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin to digital and physical specialized stores. Therefore, Meridiem Games will be responsible for the manufacturing and the distribution of the physical and digital edition in Spain, and in international territories.

Mansion Games, the video games development studio from Mallorca run by Victor Fernández and Mar Gallardo, keep on making Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin known. After winning the Best Business Project prize at Palma Activa, be finalist in the Connect’Up contest sponsored by Grupo Serra and La Caixa in 2019, access to the Corporate program at Lanzadera and Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIEE), the studio gets into the PlayStation Talents Games Camp program in 2020; a space created by SIEE for video games development and to boost the national talent in the video games industry.

Then, after achieving the 3rd prize at the Congreso Profesional de Videojuegos y Esports de la Comunidad Valenciana (AVEPE), this year they’ve been finalists at the Premios Emprendedores S. XXI. Currently, they are part of the GameBCN incubation program, which helps studios professionalize their production and maximize their business opportunities.

“Every mission needs strong alliances that share the same objectives and values.It is an honor to fight this battle  alongside Meridiem Games. With their support and experience, we will win and everybody will enjoy Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin”

Víctor Fernández, CEO, Mansion Games

“Mansion Games is a studio with an incredible potential and a business philosophy that highly resembles that of Meridiem Games. Their new project, Operation Highjump is, first and foremost, an example of how to make a game fulfill its role: be fun”

Sergio Palacián, CEO, Meridiem Games

Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin is a video game based on Second World War legends. Its main character, Joe Kawalsky, is a tribute to the Second World War unknown heroes that fought and sacrificed for the freedom that we nowadays enjoy.

The shooter 2D, platforms and video-adventure genres combination along with a strong story, retro aesthetics, a deep care of the artistic section mixed with pixel-art and illustration, the extreme quality of the ambience based on actual references, an epic soundtrack done by Chris Huelsbeck and an original and unprecedented cover of the proficient illustrator, Alfonso Azpiri, make the main hallmarks of Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin, that aims to regain the illusion of the classic video games with modern technology.

Soon, there will be news about this alliance, stay tuned!

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10 print “hello world”

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Article – September 8, 2021


If you are over 30 years old, you surely will remember that first program in the prehistoric instruction’s manual of the 80s computers, the 10 PRINT “HELLO WORLD”. Thanks to this, our whole generation discovered programming and video games. Consequently, representing that first step on a long road, I thought it appropriate to title the first entry of this blog this way, where Mansion Games’ history will start.

Our journey begins heading to the garage, getting into our delightful DeLorean DMC-12, entering the space-temporal coordinates in the control panel and checking the state of the flux capacitor. Naturally, we fasten the seatbelt, turn the ignition key, listen to the six cylinder engine in V shape roaring, step on the accelerator until that beauty reaches 140 KM per hour. This way, we begin our travel in time that will lead us to the 25th of December, 1985.

I was an extremely shy boy at the time that didn’t stand out in any sport and whose marks vary inexplicably depending on my interest in each subject. In some cases, my parents had to talk with my teachers because they couldn’t really understand my behavior. A nerd was growing inside of me! Anyway, let’s get back on the topic at hand…

I remember I was sitting on my living room’s floor next to the Christmas tree in a state of total madness. I was tearing the wrapping paper of the Playmobil castle present, which I desperately asked for, when I heard some weird noises coming from the end of the house’s corridor.

Moved by a naïve childish curiosity I left my present half-opened, I stood up and, trembling, I walked towards the corridor where there was nothing but darkness, except for a weak halo of light coming out of the room at the very end. I stopped at the threshold of the door, I peeked out the door and I saw my father and uncle sitting at the end of the room, staring in amazement at a little black typewriter with green-greyish keys.

I got closer and I sat at the edge of the bed at his side as I saw how some funny color bugs were frantically moving from one side of the screen to the other, with those weird noises that I heard from the living room as a background soundtrack. I was so amazed I couldn’t understand what was happening in front of my eyes. As a matter of fact, I even thought those were some cartoons, but there was something else. For some odd reason I couldn’t comprehend, those cartoons seemed to do what my uncle ordered through that strange artifact. What the hell was that machine? Where did it come from? What was it for? How did it work? Questions started to pile up in my head. There was no way back, almost accidentally, as great journeys tend to start, I made my first step into a limitless world.

Do you want to know how that little boy full of doubts became the founder of Mansion? Keep reading and you will find out…




Mansion Games seleccionada para entrar en los programas de Lanzadera y Playstation Talents

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News – September 6th, 2019


-The young mallorcan video game studio gets into the Corporate program for the start-ups acceleration and incubation, coordinated between Lanzadera and Sony PlayStation.
-Their first project, Operation Highjump, will be developed for PlayStation 4. The studio will have a space to work in Lanzadera, access to PS4 development kits and they will be under Lanzadera and PlayStation specialists controlling their progress.

Mansion Games, the mallorcan videogames development studio founded by Victor Fernández, Mar Gallardo and Xavier Borrull,  keep on getting support on their project Operation Highjump. After winning the Best Business Project prize at Palma Activa, be finalist in the Connect’Up contest sponsored by Grupo Serra and La Caixa, the studio gets into the Corporate program of Lanzadera and Sony Playstation, providing the studio a year of intensive acceleration with technical and logistic support to develop its first videogame.

Selected with other business projects of all over Spain that bring solutions and innovative propositions to different sectors and industries such as the technological, entertainment, fashion, food or transport, Mansion Games’ members get ready to receive assessment and training in the Marina de Empresas facilities in Valencia through Lanzadera, Juan Roig’s start-ups accelerator and incubator. The business model that entrepreneurs learn is Total Quality, counting on specific assessment to improve their product, grow the number of customers and reach the company’s sustainability.

This acceleration and incubation program takes one year and, during this time, Mansion Games benefits from the support and monitoring of a Major like Sony. By the end of the program, the video game should be finished with a high quality and playability standards for the PlayStation 4 platform, having the opportunity for a whole world promotion from Sony. This is a strong boost for the company allowing it to, potentially, increase the team, whose head office is located in the Parc Bit incubator, in Palma de Mallorca.

Two of the technical and art staff are located in Madrid and the CEO and main programmer, Victor Fernández, moved to Valencia to benefit from the Lanzadera Corporate PlayStation program.

Operation Highjump is a video game based on Second World War legends developed in five stages. The main character, Joe Kawalsky, is a tribute to those unknown heroes of the Second World War that fought and immolated themselves for the freedom that we now enjoy.

A strong story, the retro aesthetic, the pixel-art and the deep care for ambience quality, the character design and backgrounds are this studio’s main hallmarks that aim to regain the excitement of classic video games together with modern technology making, from the video game as the main element, a transmedia model that allows to offer other products from the original game’s universe like comics, novels, artbooks, soundtracks or even a cartoon or real action series, complementing it and increasing user’s experience.


Lanzadera, along with EDEM Escuela de Empresarios and the investment society Angels, are part of Marina de Empresas, an initiative from Juan Roig located in the Marina de Valencia that aims to train, assess and invest on today’s and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, betting on wealth creation, business and fostering cultural and entrepreneurship.

Lanzadera offers a variety of programs according to the state and maturity of the companies and its projects. Furthermore, it also has Corporate agreements  with big companies, allowing entrepreneurs the possibility to face new innovative challenges. In order to take part in their programs, entrepreneurs can send their projects to