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News – September 8th, 2021


As of today, Mansion games and Mansion Games make an alliance to restore freedom to the world

Madrid, September 8th 2021. From Meridiem Games we are excited to announce a collaboration agreement with Mansion Games, to bring Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin to digital and physical specialized stores. Therefore, Meridiem Games will be responsible for the manufacturing and the distribution of the physical and digital edition in Spain, and in international territories.

Mansion Games, the video games development studio from Mallorca run by Victor Fernández and Mar Gallardo, keep on making Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin known. After winning the Best Business Project prize at Palma Activa, be finalist in the Connect’Up contest sponsored by Grupo Serra and La Caixa in 2019, access to the Corporate program at Lanzadera and Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIEE), the studio gets into the PlayStation Talents Games Camp program in 2020; a space created by SIEE for video games development and to boost the national talent in the video games industry.

Then, after achieving the 3rd prize at the Congreso Profesional de Videojuegos y Esports de la Comunidad Valenciana (AVEPE), this year they’ve been finalists at the Premios Emprendedores S. XXI. Currently, they are part of the GameBCN incubation program, which helps studios professionalize their production and maximize their business opportunities.

“Every mission needs strong alliances that share the same objectives and values.It is an honor to fight this battle  alongside Meridiem Games. With their support and experience, we will win and everybody will enjoy Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin”

Víctor Fernández, CEO, Mansion Games

“Mansion Games is a studio with an incredible potential and a business philosophy that highly resembles that of Meridiem Games. Their new project, Operation Highjump is, first and foremost, an example of how to make a game fulfill its role: be fun”

Sergio Palacián, CEO, Meridiem Games

Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin is a video game based on Second World War legends. Its main character, Joe Kawalsky, is a tribute to the Second World War unknown heroes that fought and sacrificed for the freedom that we nowadays enjoy.

The shooter 2D, platforms and video-adventure genres combination along with a strong story, retro aesthetics, a deep care of the artistic section mixed with pixel-art and illustration, the extreme quality of the ambience based on actual references, an epic soundtrack done by Chris Huelsbeck and an original and unprecedented cover of the proficient illustrator, Alfonso Azpiri, make the main hallmarks of Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin, that aims to regain the illusion of the classic video games with modern technology.

Soon, there will be news about this alliance, stay tuned!

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